How to Recover from Low Social Media Engagement

Are you new to social media marketing? Have you been struggling to get traction in your content? Are you noticing that posts with higher engagement rates are outperforming your lower-quality content? Are you concerned about the potential consequences of low engagement, such as a poor reputation in your online community? If so, you may be experiencing one of the challenges of social media engagement: low activity. Social media engagement is how much time users spend on these platforms engaged with posts and comments. An activity levels of social media can vary widely depending on factors like topic, audience, and usage patterns. However, generally speaking, if an activity level falls into the basement or ‘low’ range it means little activity. This article explains what causes low activity levels and how to recover them.

Review Social Media Analytics

To understand what is causing your low engagement, review social media analytics. Analyze your audience demographics, including age, gender/location, and interests. Examine the types of posts that are getting more interaction. Look into the activities users are performing around those posts to gain insight into why they like them better than others.

Compare Competitor’s Social Media

Businessman with low engagement on his social media binoculars spying on competitors.

You can assess your social media engagement level by comparing your numbers to those of your competitors. Comparing these two levels may help you figure out what is causing the low activity in your social media accounts. For example, if your competitor is posting high-quality content with great engagement rates and you are not, then it could be that their audience is attracted to that type of content. Alternatively, if a competitor has a lower activity level than yours but posts content more frequently, they may be able to get higher engagement rates because they don’t have as much competition as you do. The key takeaway here is that it can help to compare some data from competitors when figuring out why you have low social media engagement.

Use Video in Social Media

Video is a highly engaging form of content that can build your online community. Videos are also an effective way to keep people coming back for more, especially if you share their content on a consistent basis. If you want people to engage with your posts, the best way to do so is through video content. This can be as easy as doing a 10 second selfie video thanking your audience for supporting you.

Be Consistent

The first step to recover from low social media engagement is to be consistent. Social media users are more likely to interact with your content when you’re consistently posting in a short span of time. When your posts don’t appear on the timeline for weeks at a time, it’s harder for people to engage with them. So, be sure that you’re consistently posting at least three times per week – and sometimes more if you can – so that your audience stays engaged and continues to grow.

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