Social Media Management

How much time do you have?

Like most small business owners, you need to split your time. What tasks are you putting the most time in?

  1. Finding new leads
  2. Increasing awareness of your business
  3. Making proposals and getting the work
  4. Producing results
  5. Recording your sales
  6. Managing your finances and taxes
  7. Managing contractors or employees
  8. Working with vendors who support your business
  9. Planning your business’ future
Social Media management Global Communications Connection Concept

Just about every business owner is spending time in these areas. However, you know you can’t do everything, and something usually must be set aside. Areas that are most often set aside:

  • Family
  • Personal Wellness
  • Relaxing/Vacation/Decompression

Who wants an amateur business?

As a business owner, you likely are doing this for yourself instead of a job because you’re good at it. You aren’t just good at it, you are one of the best, and you can be better compensated than doing the work for someone else.

Are you also the best bookkeeper? How about a professional tax accountant? Do you have a degree in computer technology as well? The fact is we can’t be expert in everything, and where we fall short of expert, our businesses suffer and become less professional.

Expert Up Front

Social media marketing is one of the most popular methods for marketing your business, and for good reason.

  • Very inexpensive, almost free if managed well.
  • Directly engage with people where they spend their time.
  • Social media companies collect data which is used to target leads.
  • Easy and immediate access to help people and sell your brand.

Those first two time-consuming tasks fuel business and require expertise.

Introducing Wade Stewart

I too am a business owner. In 2012 I started Tech Masters Computer Services (in 2023 Tech Masters was acquired by Empowering Technology Solutions. We created this business to help small business owners. There was a need for skilled, professional technology experts to help business make technology work for them.

My goal was to build a strong business of managers and staff who would deliver proposals and produce results. I oriented my focus on marketing and became that expert to help grow the business.

I hired outside professionals to take care of the areas I was not expert in, and we achieved enough success that I could hand off the marketing and become that expert to help other businesses.

Expert Social Media Management

Every component of your business needs experts. I will work with you in your social media to any degree you require. Some of the ways I have helped others include:

  • Provided a marketing plan with step-by-step guidance on how a small business owner can manage social media.
  • Developed campaigns around specific products, events, or promotions, increasing sales and interest.
  • Managed social media advertising to target specific customer demographics and interests, maximizing advertising dollars.
  • Complete take-over of all social media management, from daily posts to answering questions from prospects.
  • Short-term project or long-term custom assistance plans to improve social media results.

Next Steps

If you are ready to see how I can help you in your business, please sign up for a free social media audit. The audit will help me establish where you are with your social media, and how it relates to your overall brand and messaging. From there we can talk about what you want your social media results to be and together build a plan to achieve those goals.