How to Improve Social Media Engagement

Before making changes to your social media channel, take a look at how your brand is engaging with fans on other platforms. Are you spending enough time there? Are you posting quality content? For brands, being active and engaged isn’t just about having a presence on popular sites like Instagram and Facebook. It’s also about creating opportunities for loyal followers to interact with you in ways that drive them back again and again. To get started with improving your social media engagement, follow these tips:

Ask the Audience Questions

One of the most important ways to improve your social media engagement is by asking your audience questions. Social media channels are all about giving your audience a voice and engaging them with what’s going on. Asking questions will give you an insight into what interests, concerns, and pains your audience. Examples: What are some things that you want more information about? What are some words or phrases that you often find in our website but don’t know what they mean? What other websites do you like to visit? Questions like these can be answered by people who have been interacting with your brand for years so ask them!

Quickly Engage with Audience

We’re all busy people and the more time you spend on social media, the less time you have to actually work. If you really want to engage your audience, you need to make it quick and easy for them to comment or share your posts. Figure out which platforms are most popular with your followers and try to offer a consistent experience across all of them. This will help keep your fans engaged with the same platform without having to worry about losing an audience on another one.

Diversify your Content

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It’s a good idea to diversify your content across social media channels. This means producing high-quality posts that are unique and specific to each platform. What you say on Instagram might not be what you say on Twitter. And what you say on Facebook might not be the same as what you write for your blog. Notice what your audience responds to. Do they prefer content as text, text with images, text with links, or maybe even video? Only promoting the most popular content type is not good. There’s always audience members that prefer something else.

Adjust Social Media Strategy

Check your analytics every couple weeks or so. Note what is working and what it works for. Click throughs to the website or an order form are the best. Then comes comments on your posts. Then likes, and of course new audience members following you. It’s all good, but keep an eye on what content is working, what the results are, and provide more of that.

Shape your social media campaigns by posting content based around the content that people are most interested in seeing. Also, remember that being active doesn’t mean having an army of brand ambassadors who are constantly posting content for you. In fact, it’s better to not post too frequently because then it will become hard for your followers to interact with you or find new posts from you when they search for your brand name. Instead of posting constantly, try scheduling posts more strategically so that people will always know what time to come back and follow what you’re up to now and in the future.

Thank you for reading my article about How to Improve Social Media Engagement, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, comments or would like to look into having your social media managed (you might be surprised how affordable it can be), please let me know! See Below!

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