Video Services

Video Creation

Male Videographer does video services thru Edits and Cuts Footage and Sound on His Personal Computer, Puts on His Monitors/ Headphones. His Office is Modern and Creative Loft Studio.

Video is everywhere and most people prefer video over both text and still images. Content is expensive in time (and possibly money as well), so you need to get the most out of it. I will convert your text to video that you can share and improve the value of that content.

You can get over 100 times the eyes on your content if it is video, rather than text or still images. Are you are writing your own content, or paying someone else to do it? Would you like to double or triple that investment? By having your text converted to video, you can reach more people and get more interest in your products and services.

Do you wish that great blog post would catch fire? Have you tried promoting it with video? For less than the cost to write a 1500-word blog post, I can create a video that will highlight key points of your content that you can use to tease your blog post and drive people to your website.

Video Editing

They say that what really makes a movie is great editing. What is great editing? Cleaning up the sound, adding intros, titles, and outros, trimming out dead space or putting a graphic up while a concept is explained. Even resizing the video to fit different formats between YouTube and social media platforms.

A video intro explains what the viewer is about to watch. If your viewers aren’t introduced, they could stop watching in just a few seconds, or maybe not at all. I can help you by editing your content and transform it into post-ready videos for YouTube, email, or social media platforms.