Why is Video Important in Marketing?

Besides being a powerful tool for salespeople, video is also extremely versatile. It can be used throughout the flywheel of the buyer’s journey. Backend analytics help salespeople qualify leads and increase engagement. Moreover, video appeals to the mobile population, making it a great option to reach a broader audience. It also helps in educating customers and triggering emotions. As a result, video is an effective tool for marketing, sales and service teams alike.

Builds trust

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In terms of sales, video is an effective way to increase conversion rates. Studies show that viewers associate brands with video content more than other forms of marketing. In fact, 91 percent of internet users watch videos before making a purchasing decision. Marketing research shows that video can increase the likelihood of conversion rates by 20%. Video content can also boost brand association by 139%. It also fosters a personal connection between viewers and a brand.

A well-produced video can have many different uses. You can place it on your website, landing pages, organic and paid social media, and even your newsletter. Depending on your business model, you can run a testimonial video featuring a satisfied customer. Social proof videos can use existing customer testimonials to establish credibility. In addition, video can help boost SEO rankings. This is because videos can attract new visitors who would otherwise not have found the brand through search.


Videos have many advantages. Besides grabbing people’s attention, they allow you to explain a product or service in a compelling way. They are also a great way to provide customer support. An expert character can be created to solve a customer’s problem. By making it credible, it will attract more people to watch it and become your customer. It is important to consider all these factors before making a video.

Videos are a fun way to connect with your audience. Videos are not only a great way to promote your products but also to tell your clients and prospects about the company. When creating your video, don’t just talk about your products and services; include valuable information and interesting events. People are likely to stay long enough if they see positive aspects of the company and products. If you want to increase your chances of success, try a video that demonstrates the company’s values and helps the audience connect with your products.

Improves conversions

The use of videos on websites has many benefits, especially for subscription-based businesses. The ability to create a short video and embed it on a landing page significantly improves conversion rates. When properly implemented, online videos can drive higher conversion rates than traditional media. By creating content that your audience wants to watch, you can increase conversion rates by up to eighty percent. Here are some tips to help you maximize the benefits of video in your marketing campaigns.

Shorter videos also retain the attention of your audience better, which improves conversions. In fact, short videos are 89% more likely to convert than longer ones. When used correctly, marketers can also break long content down into bite-sized videos. Another marketing heavy-hitter, email, can improve conversion rates by incorporating personalized videos into their marketing campaigns. Videos embedded in emails are up to seven times more likely to get a top ranking from Google than those without.

Triggers emotions

Many successful marketers know that using video to trigger emotions in the viewer is a powerful tool. In fact, 52% of marketing professionals state that video has the highest ROI. However, the key is to understand your audience to create content that triggers emotional responses. Regardless of the medium, these videos should inspire action. Here are some tips to create a successful video. Incorporate emotion-triggering techniques in your marketing campaign to get the most ROI.

People share videos that evoke strong emotions, whether they’re positive or negative. Studies show that videos that evoke positive emotions are 30 percent more likely to be shared. That’s a lot more than just a small percentage, so make sure you choose your videos wisely. Aim for positive emotions to encourage sharing. But don’t limit yourself to positive emotions! Positive emotions will get the job done. Use creative video strategies to stir up a positive emotion in your customers.

Improves SEO

Incorporating video into your marketing campaign is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Search engines are increasingly prioritizing video content in the results, as it conveys quality content and increases the likelihood of backlinks. Video content also helps to improve your page rank, as people spend longer on sites that contain videos. If your video content has high-quality content, it will also get more exposure in Google’s search results.

In addition to increasing your SEO, you can increase the number of sales you generate from videos. Product videos, such as those created by Zappos, increase sales by 6% to 30%. Of course, not all businesses sell products. Explainer videos can increase conversions for service-oriented businesses. Use a variety of styles to explain the business and its services. It is important to introduce your client’s products or services and explain how they can benefit your business.

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