The Entitled

Republicans defund embassy security in the national budget and then complain the administration is somehow responsible for the people get killed when embassies are attacked.

This is a problem I see from not just the right, or Republicans but rather people who seem to think that the services controlled by the government should somehow be paid for through some sorcery or alchemy which creates money from thin air.  

The forces at play which have increased the costs at the grocery store are the same forces that make healthcare costs greater and even government services.

Government is FOR Everyone.  Not just the poor, only the rich, exclusively the unemployed, only the businessperson, the union worker, the oppressed foreign national, the emigrant, or one of a number of other people.

If you are going to serve in all these capacities, it is going to cost…. YOU MONEY.  So just because you don’t plan on using the senior bus services or draw your social security, or get free healthcare, we have this thing called community, social responsibility and the very American value of helping your fellow man or woman.

You can find all kinds of reasons to get more money for yourself, but there are 30 million or more reasons to help someone else.  Help a single mom get the money to get her kids some food.  Give a widow who lives alone a chance to get out and see other people.  Help out a small business like mine to get low interest loans to hire people and improve our local economy.

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