On Wonder

When I gaze into the stars I think about the light I am seeing. That light was cast by those stars millions if not billions of years ago. They might not even exist anymore, yet the photons that strike my eyes were released and are mine to behold, and will not be seen by another in the way I see them at that very moment in time.

That my insignificant spec on the universe may understand and bear witness to this elicits an emotion that can only be described as awe and wonder.

Watching a sunrise or sunset, and enjoying the colors of the light spectrum, bent by our magnetosphere, as they change with the angle of the sun, and never quite in the same way due to the randomness of particulates in the sky, water vapor, or the position of the Earth is amazing. Not only because of their beauty but the delight I feel in truly understanding how it works.

This is what it is like to understand and feel the world and it’s reality. To understand, theorize, adapt, and achieve as only I can is my good fortune, and to share those thoughts and feelings are my duty as a human being.

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