MSP Support Services

Building and managing an MSP requires mastery of several SaaS products, how to make them integrate and build automations to reduce repetitive tasks and create efficiency.

In over 10 years of administering these back-end systems, I’ve enabled my team to become more efficient and look highly professional in the eyes of our clients.

These are the tools I have the most experience with, and how these MSP Support Service have improved operations.

ConnectWise Manage PSA:

  • Ticket Templates: One of the best ways to ensure your SOP’s are followed for any recurring process.
  • Project Templates: Ensure that proper steps are followed, and no important best practices tasks are missed on server, software, or cloud deployments.
  • Service Board Automation: Pre-filled tickets save technician time for common problems such as password resets and new user setups.
  • Workflows: Keep your team accountable and avoid missing SLA targets with notifications and emails. Move your tickets into different statuses or get notified on late payers.
  • Security Roles: The security matrix seems like puzzle and frustrates techs and admins alike. Troubleshooting access is key to smooth operations.
  • Integrations: API integrations with proper permissions can be challenging. I’ve set up many and have good experience with making them work.
  • Built-in Reporting: Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations with regular, customized reports without having to spend more time or money on the detailed and complicated reporting tool built in.

N-Able N-Sight:

  • Integrations: Establish and maintain integrations with Passportal, Manage, and more.
  • Automation: Onboarding or offboarding? Take computer touches or onsite trips off the table. Automations using PowerShell, AMP and other scripting. Also building monitoring templates and configuring active directory package installations to make onboarding a breeze.

N-Able MSP Manager:

  • Good working knowledge thanks to 2 lengthy trials. Very limited system but has its place within certain organizations.


  • (Formerly Honey CRM) with integrations into LinkedIn, Mailchimp and CW: Manage. A wealth of MSP-related content awaits delivery through built-in or custom campaigns.


  • Delivering quotes and integrating with Mailchimp for follow ups and future campaigns for lost deals. Completely automating your follow up process with both successful and unsuccessful proposals.


  • CSAT tool customized for auto surveying closed tickets meeting certain criteria and quarterly NPS survey. Integrated into Slack, Email and CW: Manage. Encourage techs with publicly shared positive reviews, and less than favorable reviews go directly to designated management team members for follow up.

QuickBooks Online:

  • Bookkeeping, report creation and custom reports, integration with banks, CW:Manage, ConnectBooster and others.


  • Integration with QBO and CW:Manage. Customizing, monitoring and interfacing with support. Payment gateway and billing automation for customers. Reminder emails, late pay penalties, automated payments.


  • Newsletters, campaigns for different current and former customer types, prospects and leads. Create automation campaigns that deliver messaging on a schedule or in response to engagement.

N-Able Market Builder & Intermedia All Access:

  • Using Zift marketing platforms to pass through content customized to get leads to respond back directly to us rather than the vendor. Content from these vendors is pre-built to emphasize the benefits and features of the products you resell.


  • Integrating various SaaS systems in Ops, CRM, and Marketing to automate billing, maintenance, customer communications, and alert management.

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